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One of Virginia's Largest Antique Collections!
Largest selection of antiques in the Shenandoah Valley!

All your favorite old dealers and many great new ones in our 50,000 Square-Foot Facility!

Located at U.S. Routes 55 & 11 in Strasburg, VA.
Exit 298 off I-81. 2 miles to Downtown Strasburg

Our Member Dealers
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Owner Booth - Description
3D Enterprises B100 - Wonderlok for tightening chairs
Alfred Montague B120 - Beleck & Collectibles
Ann Williams B038 - Yellow Ware & Country Furniture
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Owner Booth - Description
B&B Valley Antiques B600 - Marbles & Handmade Soaps
Barn's Bill B026 - Antiques, Tools, Primitives, Country Furniture
Basically Blue Antiques B220 - Primitive & Architectural
C  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Charlie & Ann Mills B093 - Pottery, Roseville, Collectibles
Collector's Frame B069 - Civil War Artifacts & Coins
CVJ Antiques B019 - Advertisements, Paper Memorabilia, Milk Bottles, Glassware
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Owner Booth - Description
Dan Dennison B130 - History Books
Darryl Bates B800 - Decorative Items & Furnishings
Davey Herrell B700 - Silver Jewelry
Deja Vu B315/316 - Pottery, Art Books, Kitchen Collectibles, Vintage Jewelry, & more
Don Chambers B077 - Jewelry, Civil War Relics & Coins
Dutch Peddler B465 - Vintage Jewelry, Eclectic Collectibles
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Owner Booth - Description
Earthworks B411 - World Art, Jade, Artifacts
Ekster Antiques & Uniques B204 - European finds for the Home, Garden, & You
Enchanted Memories B320 - European Decorative, Architectural, Rockin Renee's Records, Vintage & Collectible Records
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Owner Booth - Description
Fleur De Lis Gifts,LLC B310 - Gifts & Reproduction Transferware
G  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Graceland Farm B044 - Mantiques & Victoriana
H  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Hillside Antiques B150 - English Staffordshire, Lamps, Crystal, Country Antiques
Hip N Humble B215 - Painted, Primitive, Country
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Owner Booth - Description
J  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Jason Horton B035/B135 - Upholstered Furniture & Strasburg Pottery
JKW Finds B201 - Mid Century Furniture
Jocelyn & Corky Vena B019 - Advertisements, Paper Memorabelia, Milk Bottles, Glassware
K  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Kay Horton B235 - Upholstered Furniture & Strasburg Pottery
Kellie Moreland B075 - Hand Painted Signs
L  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Look At This B057 - Eclectic Collection from Furniture to Glassware
Lynn Alsmeyer-Johnson B085 - Elegant Glass, Specializing in Heisey
M  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Marcey Enterprises B039 - Mort Kuntzler & John Paul Strain Art
Maribeth Interiors B037 - Eclectic Mix of Vintage, Cottage, & Traditional
Ma's Attic Shop B905 - Second Hand Items
Murray McKnight B042/B054 - Old Books, Life Magazines, Old Advertisements
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Owner Booth - Description
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Owner Booth - Description
P  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Pat Sears B128 - Rt. 56
Patriotica B040 - Historic & Vintage Flags & Travel Books
Premiere Collectibles B020 - Carnival Glass, Depression Glass, Collectibles, Clocks
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Owner Booth - Description
R  Top
Owner Booth - Description
R&M Antiques B018/B028 - Mahogany Furniture & Blue Willow
Rick & Karen Back B021 - Mid Century Glassware, Chalkware, Fishing, Hunting, Collectibles
Robert Creekmore B060 - Toys, Advertisement Collectibles
S  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Sam & Denise Tarr B216 - Painted, Primitive, Country Furniture
Sean McCormick B203 - Painted Country & Period Furniture
Sign Of The Times B202 - Porcelain Signs, Lights, "Man" Collectibles
Silver Moon Imports,LLC B111/B112 - Gifts & Flags
SLM Antiques B063 - Depression Glass, Vintage Glassware, Geographic Memorabilia
Sly Fox Antiques B055 - Primitives, Art, Posters
Smartrack, Inc. B165 - West Virginia Handblown Ornaments, & Jim Shore
Something Else B027 - An Affordable "Something Else" for Everyone
Stacy Horton B335 - Upholstered Furniture & Strasburg Pottery
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Owner Booth - Description
Taylor's Treasures B031 - Heisey & other Elegant Glass
Toad Hall Antiques B013 - Howard's Products, Primitives, Painted Country
Tony Lawrence B206 - Country & Oak American Country
Treasure Chest Antiques B777 - Oak & Trunks
Tres Jolic B080/B180 - International Decorative Items
Triangle Jewelers B071/B072 - Estate & Vintage Jewelry & Art Glass
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Owner Booth - Description
V  Top
Owner Booth - Description
Virginia Summer B460 - American Glassware & China
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Owner Booth - Description
Wooden Spool Antiques B047 - Quilts & Fabrics
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Owner Booth - Description
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Owner Booth - Description
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Owner Booth - Description